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Kitchen Design & Installation

Gumtree Joinery specialises in all aspects of kitchen design renovation and installation. Style, Affordability and Quality are our promise to you.

We use 3D CAD software to design your new kitchen, working with you to create the look and style that you are wanting. Seeing your kitchen as a 3D computer model, in your chosen colour scheme, with cupboards and storage solutions as well appliances fitted allows you to go on a virtual tour before it is built

Calling on over 10 years experience in the industry , Gumtree Joinery has many ideas and suggestions to help you achieve exactly what you are waniting from your new kitchen design.

Manufacturing kitchens in our Sydney based warehouse allows us to keep costs to a minimum and pass this directly on to you whilst maintaining high quality and quick turn around times. Custom Kitchen Design allows for the maximum use of the space available, while creating the look and feel you desire. Custom Design easily allows us to match your choice of lighting, appliances and fittings as there are no limitations with our kitchens because they are being manufactured to your specific requirements. It is your choice on how deep, wide or long your benches, drawers and cupboards are, and you can view them in a 3D model before going to manufacture.

Bench tops can be supplied in stone, timber or laminate, depending on the style and budget you are working towards. From knock down, and removal of your old kitchen, to the manufacture and installation of your new kitchen, Gumtree Joinery provides a complete service from concept through to completion.
Kitchen Design Ideas

There are many options to consider with your new kitchen design and layout. Gumtree Joinery specialises and streamlining this process for you. By viewing the model in 3D you can see how the look and feel is prior to manufacture.

This will make your choices much easier – For instance : Do you want stone or laminate bench tops, Single or double cupboards for your storage solutions, A breakfast style bench or center island, glass, stone or tiled splashbacks.

There are many options to concider in the design phase and 3D modelling is ideal to take the ideas out of your head and into a visual representation. With the click of a button different ideas and design styles can flash before your eyes to help you choose the best ideas for your new kitchen makeover.

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